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Whether starting at grass roots level or bringing a concept to the next level of productive evolution, we are here to serve you.   No matter what the challenge..BRING IT ON!

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Marketing, Brand Recognition, Product Development and Imagery Services are part of the nucleus that has made Grey Wolf Corp so highly recognized today. We look forward to working with you to develop the best package that fits your specific needs.

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Grey Wolf CosPlay™, a division of Grey Wolf Corp, takes you well beyond the simple scope of character portrayal, comics, and collectibles; it features informative content for your personal edification and enjoyment. 

Whether you are a cosplayer, costumer, prop maker, artist, author, celebrity, or performer, you will find something here for you at Grey Wolf CosPlay™

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News Update

  • Time For A Change: After over 15 years, overall, 6 years plus online, our web site, is finally getting a facelift. Our volume of business interest and demand has grown exponentially since 2009 and it is finally time to provide more than just a simple single page for our visitors. Be sure to check back often as this web site continues to evolve!

  • The review on the movie "The Perfect House", is now available at Grey Wolf CosPlay, our online SciFi / CosPlay / Comics publication. In this movie produced by Gratwick Films, you have an anthology of horror and psychological terror.  The film strategically delivers the inflection of a campy film effect, while simultaneously tapping into the psychological fear of your sub-conscious mind and your fears of the unknown.

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  • The book review for "These Are The Voyages" is almost done! Jacobs Brown Press has really outdone themselves with this book.  Learn about behind the scenes details from many of the scenes of the original Star Trek® series.  Star Trek® fans out there have just got to see this and enjoy the Star Trek experience from an entirely different perspective.

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